Huge rise in parking fines leads to uproar

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Car Rental News - 22/11/2010


Councils seen as trying to squeeze yet more cash out of hard-pressed drivers.

Motoring groups have reacted with outrage at proposals to boost parking fines by nearly 100 per cent. Councils, desperate to find more revenue streams as they battle financing problems, want approval from the Government to raise parking penalties by a dramatic amount.

The councils face ever shrinking budgets and want to use parking fines in a attempt to balance their books. Motoring groups are cautioning that ministerial approval for this proposal would give local authorities free reign to further exploit motorists.

The proposed penalty hikes are seen as just one example of the ways it is feared the public will be hit by government attempts to make up for funding shortfalls. Six councils outside the London area are seeking Government permission to raise the maximum amounts for parking penalties from the present £70 to £120, the same limit as used in the capital.

The councils say the existing limit of £70 is no longer steep enough to deter illegal parking. A separate review is already being carried out. It is expecte to recommend a new maximum rate is brought in for London.

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