Enterprise leads car hire biz in sustainable construction

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Car Rental News - 27/01/2011


Enterprise Rent-A-Car launches five-year, $150 million investment programme.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has kicked off an industry-leading campaign to ensure all of its newly-built and revamped car hire locations are environmentally sustainable. In a newly-announced five-year programme, the rental company is to invest in excess of $150 million in sustainable construction with the aid of a new set of guidelines.

The recently-created guidelines, known as the Enterprise Sustainable Construction Protocol (ESCP), is a comprehensive framework covering sustainable features in all new construction projects. The ESCP will ensure that new constructions and retrofitted facilities will be designed, constructed and managed in a sustainable manner.

Lee Broughton is head of corporate sustainability at Enterprise Holdings, which owns Enterprise Rent-A-Car. He said the new protocol extends the company’s commitment to environmental responsibility and smart business.

Broughton added that ESCP will ensure Enterprise Rent-A-Car exceeds the expectations of customers regarding the meaning of corporate sustainability, the provision of healthy workplaces and long-term cost benefits for the business. He said the programme is another example of Enterprise setting quantifiable goals to drive sustainable business growth.

Not only is ESCP expected to boost the sustainability profile at Enterprise hire locations but energy and water utility savings are thought likely to be as high as 35 per cent. These savings are expected to be derived from enhanced efficiency and other steps.

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