Car Rental News For October 2009

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29/10/2009 – Roadside fatality figures show men take greater risks
Drivers urged to follow safety regulations and carry high-visibility clothing

26/10/2009 – UK travellers fail to accurately plan holiday spending
Brits accumulating hefty charges from ATM withdrawls made overseas

23/10/2009 – Europcar survey finds Brits adore their cars
One in three Brits confess they could not do without four-wheels

19/10/2009 – Hertz car rental to get makeover
Car rental giant plans major corporate rebranding

15/10/2009 – Mini E to take the stage in UK driving trials
Forty British drivers will drive Mini Es in a six-month long trial

12/10/2009 – UK government urged to tax motorists
Climate committee recommeds road pricing as means to cut CO2 emissions

09/10/2009 – Sixt opens at Abu Dhabi airport
Sixt expands total number of UAE outlets to three

05/10/2009 – Superlorries may soon descend on British roads
EU considering draft porposal to allow larger lorries on roads

01/10/2009 – Hertz car rental mulling photo inspection system
Hertz hopes the new technology will eliminate car damage disputes

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