Car Rental News For August 2010

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30/08/2010 – Welsh civil servant failure to fill up hire cars costs £23k
Civil servants in Wales squandered thousands of pounds by failing to tank up.

26/08/2010 – Dollar Thrifty investors try to thwart vote on Hertz buyout
Investors have asked a judge to block a shareholder vote on the acquisition of Dollar Thrifty.

23/08/2010 – Holidaymakers targetted in Spanish anti-speeding campaign
On-the-spot fines of up to £500 will have to be paid by foreign drivers before they can leave.

19/08/2010 – Packing cars for the holidays is a key skill, one men lack
More than a quarter of family holidays is soured by arguments over baggage.

16/08/2010 – Trees could be the economical alternative to speed cameras
Researchers found that people driver slower when trees line the road.

12/08/2010 – Two-thirds of UK drivers admit potentially dangerous driving
A new study finds an alarming level of dangerous behaviour on British roads.

09/08/2010 – Biogas car poo poos the idea that sewage is all waste
A recycling company has launched the first car in the UK to run on sewage.

05/08/2010 – Dollar Thrifty deal likely to save Hertz more than $180mn
Hertz provides more details on impending acquisition.

02/08/2010 – National strike in Greece could mean chaos for Brit tourists
As the holidays kick off, thousands of Brits could be stranded by Greek strikes.

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