Brit has best job in the world

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Car Rental News - 11/05/2009


British born Ben Southall won the ‘best job’ competition, hosted by Tourism Queensland

Most people only dream of waking up on a tropical island day after day, but for Ben Southall that dream will soon become a reality after winning a competition run by Tourism Queensland.

The lucky Brit recently won a competition to spend the next six months in a tropical island in Queensland filing weekly reports online to a global audience. Ben Southall beat 34,000 other applicants for the dream job, and hasn’t stopped smiling since.

The job comes complete with a three-bedroom beach home overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, and is a big change from Southall’s last occupation, which was canvassing city streets as a fundraiser for a well known charity.

Each of the applicants had to create a short video stating why they would be the best person for the job. "I love discovering new places," Southall said in his application video.

"Last year, I drove all around Africa, I crossed deserts, climbed mountains, run marathons, bungee jump, mountain-bike, scuba-dive and snorkel everywhere because I'm practically a fish myself."

In the last stage of the interview sixteen finalists were flown in to Hamilton Island for an intensive round of interviews. Ben Southall clearly wowed the judges and is on his way to a bright new career.

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