Car Rental News For April 2011

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28/04/2011 – London commuters threatened with tube strike
London commuters face yet another possible tube strike.

25/04/2011 – HS2 campaign seeks contributions from supporters
Campaign for the new high-speed rail link has asked rail firms to finance the fight against opposition.

21/04/2011 – Expanded Hertz car sharing to compete with Zipcar
Hertz is to expand its Connect car sharing service to take share from Zipcar.

18/04/2011 – Man in bizarre ironing stunt on the M1 motorway
In the latest episode of an extreme stunt, a man was filmed ironing in the middle of the motorway.

14/04/2011 – Honest drivers pay a high price for uninsured motorists
More than three million drivers have had accidents involving uninsured drivers.

11/04/2011 – First Choice to sell all-inclusive holidays only
First Choice says it will sell all-inclusive packages exlusively.

07/04/2011 – Transport Minister tells workers to stay home
The government says more people should work from home or get to work late.

04/04/2011 – Political unrest slows growth in air travel
Mideast political unrest hit growth in air travel.

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