Early snow prompts specials from easycar

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Car Rental News - Thursday, 22nd November 2007


Be the first to hit the slopes with easycar

With the snow falling early on many of Europe's ski resorts this year, taking advantage of the early-bird style offers by easycar will make sure you get there in style at a good price; hopefully before the rest of the ski-hungry hordes catch on, too.

The offer is valid for some of the most popular skiing destinations in Europe, including everywhere from Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. And for those who need to get even farther afield, the deals apply to selected destination worldwide as well.

Prices for European ski destinations include a £37 rate for a 4-day rental to the Swiss destinations of Bern, Geneva or Zurich, with a £52 rate for the full week. For 4 or 7-day trips around Turin, Italy the prices are £89 and £121. If you're travelling to Gernoble, France, you're looking at £94 or £121 for 4 or 7-day rentals respectively.

There are also good deals for North American resorts, such as £104 or £132 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for rentals for 4 or 7 days, with £97 or £114 for the same period in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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