DAA raises the price of car hire from Dublin

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Car Rental News - Wednesday, 12th December 2007


Renting a car from an airport in Dublin is likely to get more expensive

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) recently decided to increase the rate that car hire companies are required to pay in order to maintain their operations at airports in Dublin, Cork and Shannon.

For every €100 paid by a customer hiring a car from the airport, the DAA currently receives €7.25. Next year, however, that levy is set to rise to €9.50 and the year after that, €11.50, an increase that is sure to be passed on to the consumer.

The recent increases follow just two weeks after a decision by the DAA to increase the cost of daily parking at the airport, doubling the rates set only two years ago.

With the new levies in place, car hire firms could be forced to pay 58 per cent more in the next three years just to operate from the airport. The DAA, however, would net itself an estimated €9 million annually from the increases.

Prior to the announcement, sources in the aviation industry said that car hire firms were willing to negotiate a deal with the DAA, handing over a higher percentage of their revenues in return for access to desks located in the arrivals hall and closer parking spaces.

Instead, it seems the car hire companies, and the customers who use them, will be forced to pay more and get little in return.

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