How to make a complaint about your rental

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Car Rental News - Sunday, 20th January 2008


Refunds possible after bad car hire

Many people who have rented cars in the past have come out of the experience with a bad impression of the whole business of contracts and terms of insurance. All too often, complaints don’t get heard at a level that cold affect any change, it’s usually a poor clerk who has no say in the matter who takes an earful form an irate customer.

So if you find yourself in the role of the irate customer, try to stay calm and speak to someone in upper management, this can be much more productive than losing your top at the rental kiosk.

An example of this comes from a recent story in Madrid, Spain, where a woman rented a car under the impression that the price she paid included all service charges and taxes. Upon the returning of her car, she noticed that the taxes and service charges had been added to her bill, as well as an insurance upgrade she hadn’t signed on for.

Of course this would make anyone angry, but the woman stayed calm and contacted the company in question whereupon she was issued a full refund of superfluous charges. So it seems these things don’t have to be left by storming out of the shop. The company is usually ready to refund such misunderstandings.

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